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We are an independent charitable registered provider of over 200 affordable general needs homes in Birmingham.

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Gillian & Graham's Garden Story

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Our garden is raised by 12 inches of rubble, (probably from the bombed buildings from WW2). Topped by just a few inches of topsoil. When we moved here, it was topped by weeds. The only time we sat outside was in the evening when you couldn’t see the state of it.

Because of the depth of topsoil, it makes for planting shrubs etc. that have a big root system impossible. So, we opted for something on simple lines, working with what we had.

We have seating areas each end, to catch the sun and shade at different times of the day. We have a narrow border to add colour, and a lawn. Baskets and planters make up more colour and different levels. Also, solar lights so we can make the most of our time outside.

Now we have a space that is pretty, relaxing, and somewhere to eat outside, whether it’s having breakfast or a barbecue. My wife likes to sit and read. Most of all though, keeping the garden looking nice is so rewarding. We are proud of what we have achieved. It’s our own little oasis in a drab area of Birmingham.

Along with photos of how it looks now, I have added a before photo. It’s amazing how much bigger it all looks now.

I hope you like our garden as much as we do.

Latest News

We have the Winner! We have some an amazing news to share with you!
We have the Winner! We have some an amazing news to share with you!
Birmingham Civic Housing Association is looking for a new Board Member to join our Team. Please contact our office on 0121 3285105 if you are interested.
Winters can be a challenge for many people, especially those who are struggling to keep their home warm. However, there are some useful hints and tips for getting through the cold winter months.
Damp and mould can cause health problems, so it’s important to prevent them from growing. They can also be a major eyesore, affecting the look and smell of your home.
Before you report a repair please have as much information as possible about the problem so we can think about what needs to be done and decide which of our contractors will be the best to fix things.

About Us

Birmingham Civic Housing Association

We are an independent charitable registered provider of affordable general needs housing.

The Association was set up by the council in 1967 as a means to acquire and improve dilapidated housing in inner city areas.

We own and mange 214 homes – mostly traditional Edwardian and Victorian terraced houses some of which have been converted into flats.

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