Affordable Accommodation Through Transfer

Transfer to another home

To qualify for a transfer to another home with us you should have a clear rent account and be keeping your current home and garden in good condition.

Transfer to another home

If you are a BCHA tenant and want to move to another home you can register on our transfer list. To qualify for a transfer you should have a clear rent account, however, we will give sympathetic consideration to your application if you are in financial hardship and need to move to more affordable accommodation.

If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour or harassment, we will support you to stay in your home by working with the police and other partners to tackle the problem.

If you have an overriding need for urgent rehousing we will try to help by offering you a move to suitable accommodation or alternatively, assist you to secure accommodation with another housing provider.

When your home no longer meets your needs due to medical reasons we may be able to help by carrying out adaptations.

If the property is not suitable for adaptations we will try to help by offering you a move or alternatively assist you secure somewhere with another housing provider.

Is your home too big for your needs?

The government will no longer pay full Housing Benefit if they feel you have too many bedrooms for your family size.

If you are having trouble paying for the additional bedroom, get in touch with us as we may be able to help you move to a more affordable home.

You may also be eligible for some short-term Discretionary Housing Benefit which may help pay towards some of the rent shortfall.

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