Improving Your Living Space

Planned Repairs & Improvements

We have long-term plans in place to replace or improve major components in your home as part of our planned improvements programme.

Planned Repairs Programme

We have long-term plans in place to replace or improve major components in your home such as windows, external doors, kitchens and bathrooms etc.

This allows us to undertake the work as efficiently and economically as possible and minimise disturbance in your home.

Each year the Board approves funding for a programme of planned repairs.

If your property is included we will contact you to explain the arrangements and agree a convenient time.

Contact us for information on future plans to carry out improvement works in your home.

Right to Improve

As a Birmingham Civic tenant you have the right to make improvements to your home provided you have received approval from us for the work. You can fit a new door, replace your kitchen, fit a shower, put up fencing etc.

Let us know what you want to do and we’ll explain the process. We may require you to use qualified trades people and obtain planning permission and follow building regulations so that your home remains safe.

You don’t need permission for internal decorations but you must not artex walls or ceilings or paint any fixtures such as kitchen unit doors.

If we agree to the proposed work we will provide written approval. If we refuse permission we will tell you why.

You may be entitled to compensation when you leave the property but you must have been granted permission beforehand and kept any receipts for the work done.

The rules are complicated so contact us for advice.

Please do not carry out any work until you have received permission.

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