Additional sources of help

What Other Help Can I Get?

Take a look at these valuable resources if you’re looking for more help.

What Other Help Can I Get?


The local Foodbank in Birmingham provides emergency food parcels for people experiencing a temporary financial crisis.

The foodbank works on a voucher referral system and food vouchers can be obtained from various agencies including money advice organisations and social workers.

We hold vouchers for the foodbank in Green Lane Small Heath.

Speak to us if you need food

Help with furniture

For people on certain benefits there is help to obtaining recycled furniture.

The Furniture Re-use Network, supports over 300 re-use charities, aims to relieve poverty and reduce waste by promoting the re-use of essential household furniture and electrical appliances.

The Ladywood Project also provides a local service where furniture is recycled and provides for those on low incomes.

Credit Unions

Credit Unions are a great way to save and borrow money at much cheaper rates than doorstep lenders.

Have a look at the Birmingham Credit Union website – Citysave to see how they can help you.

Cost of Living Articles

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