We Aim for Fast Repairs

How long will it take?

Let’s work together for timely repairs. One of our approved contractors will contact you and carry out the repair.

Repair Times: What You Need to Know

In most cases we will book an appointment with you by telephone to agree access arrangements.

Please let us know if you are unable to keep this date and we can rearrange.

If you are not in when we arranged, the repair might be cancelled and/or you might be charged for the wasted visit.

Emergency repairs

Emergency repairs will be completed within 24 hours but we aim to attend within 4 hours.

These are repairs which pose an immediate threat to health or risk to people such as complete heating failure in the winter or a major water leak.

Sometimes we will just make safe and book another appointment with you to complete the repair.


Non-emergency repairs may be treated as Urgent (7 days response) or Routine (14 days response) depending on the circumstances.

Examples would include minor water leaks, defective plaster etc. Please note certain repairs can take up to 90 days.

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