Your Role in Fire Prevention

Fire Safety Tips for Tenants

Birmingham Civic Housing takes fire safety seriously – and so should you. Play your part in keeping your home safe.

How to Play Your Part in Fire Safety

Birmingham Civic Housing takes Fire Safety and its responsibilities to its tenant very seriously.

We provide smoke alarms in all properties and carry out regular checks in communal arrears of flats. We all have a part to play and tenants can assist.

Play Your Part

  • Keep all exits and access ways clear and unobstructed with push chairs, bicycles, furniture, rubbish etc
  • Check your smoke alarms regularly and reporting any faults to us
  • Don’t cover or remove your smoke alarms or ‘borrow’ the battery
  • Keep fire doors closed
  • Don’t dry clothes in front of a gas or electric fire
  • Don’t overload electrical sockets with adaptors
  • Don’t store things in meter cupboards
  • Don’t paint or varnish fires, boilers, electrical switches and sockets
  • If you smoke, be extra careful
  • Keep any candles well away from curtains or blinds
  • Don’t leave chip pans unattended

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