Damaris Kanco-Hammond


Damaris is a passionate leader, who has always been attracted to roles requiring the development of processes and policies that facilitate and empower people. As such her professional career has been within the public sector and charity organisations.  Damaris professional role in the health sector as Head of Corporate Affairs and Governance is concerned with holding the board and management of the organisation to account and ensuring compliance with regulations and responsibilities.

This is a role that requires integrity and attention to detail, which speak to her values. Integrity is a core component of how she operates and drives her desire for ensuring accountability and transparency.

Key achievements within Damaris professional life include:

·       Winning Team of the year at the Annual General Meeting

·       Developing a Governance Profile for a small charity, leading to implementation on key policies such as lone working and EDI strategy- which led to greater staff wellbeing satisfaction and high retention.

·       Being invited to Ghana’s first meeting on Sustainable Development Goals as a panellist and Guest speaker.

Appointed date: 04/2022

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