Tony Hardwick

Maintenance Manager

Tony is responsible for keeping our homes safe and in a good state of repair and for the efficient, and effective delivery of maintenance services provided to our tenants. As part of this, he conducts regular inspections of our properties to detect and resolve problems. If any issues arise, he oversees the service provided by our day-to-day repair contractors. Tony also manages our planned maintenance and cyclical repair programmes. He reviews and amends specifications for maintenance projects which involves liaison with our maintenance contractors. Therefore, Tony is an important link between the association and our tenants.

Moreover, his role involves planning and management of the capital improvement program for works such as kitchen and bathroom replacements, this involves preparation of schedules and the evaluation of tender cost estimates. Tony also provides reports and keeps records as and when necessary. Finally, he ensures that a safe working practice is carried out on all of our projects.

Tony has been with the association since 2017.

Tony Hardwick
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