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Applying to Birmingham Civic HA

We are a small non profit making Association committed to providing affordable social housing in Birmingham. We have on average only 6 homes to let each year and at least half of these vacancies are offered to the Local Authority for allocation through the Birmingham Choice scheme. So If you need to find a home quickly we may not be able to help.

Our 215 homes are primarily located in inner-city areas but we have a few in the suburbs. The chart below shows how many homes we have in each area:


Area 2 bed house 3 bed house 4+ bed house 1 bed flat 2 bed flat 3 bed flat Bedsit Total Stock
Aston 11 10 3 21 8 1 1 55
Nechells 3 4           7
Saltley   1           1
Bordesley Green 12 3           15
Small Heath 3             3
Sparkbrook 9 6 1 2   1   19
Balsall Heath 1 3           4
Moseley       5       5
Kings Heath   1           1
Winson Green 9 1           10
Lozells 9 4 1         14
Handsworth 18 10 4 9 7 2   50
Kingstanding   1           1
Weoley Castle 1 19 1         21
Kings Norton 3 3           6
Stirchley 1             1
Northfield   3           3
Total 81 69 10 37 15 4 1 215


You will see the majority of our homes are 2 and 3 bedroom family houses but we do have flats and a small amount of larger houses.


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  How we allocate our homes

Our priority is to make best use of our stock, we first look at transfer requests from existing tenants that need to move to a smaller or larger home and then we either offer the property to the Council to nominate to or we allocate from our direct waiting list.

Direct Waiting List - The direct waiting list is presently closed for new applicants. We will update the website when this reopens.

When open you may apply to join the list if you:

  • you are resident in the UK: and
  • you are not subject to immigration control or your leave to remain in the UK is not subject to any limitation or condition
  • you are over 18: and
  • live, work or study in Birmingham: or
  • have a social or economic reason for wanting to move to Birmingham
  • you do not own a property elsewhere


When returning the completed application form to us, you will also need to send photocopies of the following documentation:
We may at times ask to see original documents.

  • Proof of identity for all family members who would be residing in the property
    (such as a passport, driving license, birth certificate)
  • Proof that you reside at your current address (such as a council tax/utility bill)
  • A reference from your current landlord to confirm how your tenancy has been maintained
  • Proof of Right to remain in the UK, if necessary


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  Homeless households

If you have nowhere to live or are at risk of losing your home, Birmingham City Council’s Homeless Service may be able to help.

The service can provide you with advice and information on a range of options to prevent you from becoming homeless, and if you do become homeless, they may be able to help you find a home. The team will also assess whether Birmingham City Council owes any duty to help you.

The Homeless Service is delivered from four offices across Birmingham where you will need to attend in person and make a homeless application. In emergencies outside of office hours the Homeless Service can be contacted on 0121 303 2296.

Birmingham City Council is also responsible for providing advice and assistance on a range of housing options. The Housing Options service provide a range of services including help with registering, finding suitable accommodation and advice on specialist housing such as housing for older people. The Customer Services Team can be contacted on 0121 303 7410.


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  Mutual exchange

If you are a council or housing association tenant you may be able to swap homes with another tenant. This is called a "mutual exchange". You may be able to swap for example with family or friends providing your rent account is up to date and there are no tenancy related issues and the property is the right size for you family

We promote the use of Homeswapper which is a free service for our tenants helping you swap homes.


Already a Birmingham Civic Tenant?


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To qualify for a transfer to another home with us you should have a clear rent account and be keeping your current home and garden in good condition. We will however give sympathetic consideration to your application if you have financial hardship and need to move to more affordable accommodation.

If you are experiencing anti social behaviour or harassment we will support you to stay in your home by working with the police and other partners to tackle the problem. If you have an overriding need for urgent rehousing we will try to help by offering you a move to suitable accommodation or alternatively, assist you to secure accommodation with another housing provider.

When your home no longer meets your needs due to medical reasons we may be able to help by carrying out adaptations. If the property is not suitable for adaptations we will try to help by offering you a move or alternatively assist you secure somewhere with another housing provider.

  Click this button to download the application form

Click the button above to download our transfer application form


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  Is your home too big for your needs?

The government will no longer pay full Housing Benefit if they feel you have too many bedrooms for your family size.

If you are having trouble paying for the additional bedroom, get in touch with us as we may be able to help you move to a more affordable home. You may also be eligible for some short-term Discretionary Housing Benefit which may help pay towards some of the rent shortfall.


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  Birmingham Choice

As we have such few vacancies it’s a good idea to increase your chances of finding a home by registering on line with Birmingham Choice at


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  How do choice-based lettings schemes work?

Each choice-based scheme is slightly different, but they all aim to offer choice and transparency. Homes are advertised by the landlords (Council and Housing Associations) and each advertisement provides information about the property and the criteria you will have to meet to bid for the home. Once registered, you can apply (or bid) for available homes that suit you and your housing needs and you meet the criteria for. It is important you read the advert thoroughly because if you do not meet the criteria your bid may be blocked.

Each week there is feedback on the website giving details of successful bids.

Once bidding has closed on a property, if you have been successful and it is a Civic property, we will then contact you by phone. We will then arrange to meet with you and invite you to view the property before you make your decision.


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